The Three Mouse Key Tears
三隻鼠的關鍵淚珠 (24” x 48”)

These young cubs represent the three aspects of Saving the South China Tigers.  They are symbols for the Spiritual Tiger, the Cultural Tiger and the Ecological Tiger.  The South China Tiger is the Most Endangered of All Tigers with as few as 40 living in the Wild.  The Spiritual embodies Life itself and instills a Sense of Awe and Admiration.  The Cultural represents the Historic Chinese Symbolism.  No other Animal has Inspired more Creativity in the Arts in Chinese Culture than the Tiger.  The Ecological Tiger is a t the Top of the Food Chain.  Saving the Tiger will Facilitate the Restoration of the Whole Ecosystem of which they are a Critical Element.

As a Whole these Babies represent a Rebirth in the Effort to Restore the Tiger to its Place of Honor in the Wild.