About the Art

Artist for the new millenium: Artist for a thousand years

 The art of Thomadro is an expedition into the magical world of the relevant and of the absurd.  Of precision and of spontaneity.  Of humor and of concern.  His work knows no limit; it is infinite in direction and purpose.  He sees beauty in form and in design, both of the Creator and man-made.  His mind is his palette, he weaves color and subject in such a way as to awaken the viewers senses and plant their feet firmly in his dream.


Embracing the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, he believes that the true meaning of success in his life is to positively affect the environment and the lives of others with his work.  He hopes to bring a small measure of difference in the way the viewers of his art see the world in which they live.


This artist was born June 11, 1951 in the river city of Cincinnati, Ohio. His father Joe, a professional football coach, and his mother, Patricia, an artist, instilled in Thom a solid base from which to grow.  His natural sense of color and composition was apparent at a very early age and his parents encouraged his talent.  A color drawing done by Thom, not yet two years of age, still hangs framed in his parents home.  Although multi-talented (Thom is also a accomplished musician and photographer in addition to his painting, sculpting, printmaking and jewelry design skills) he always continued to draw and paint throughout his education.  He studied painting and printmaking in college earning his B.A. in Fine Art from San Diego State University in 1974.  In that year Thom had his first one man show of which noted art critic Richard Reilly wrote “skill, imagination, competence, professionalism and style…Madro has talent.”


More than three decades after this successful exhibition, Thomadro is still creating images of a world full of secret surprises and awesome beauty.  Step unto the balcony of time and vision.  Come explore the unconventional heart and mind of Madro’s world.

藝術家: 湯馬佐